2-D-1: Generational Images - Boomers and Net Generation Collage

Part I: Finding and Posting Your Images

How to add an image to the collage: Click Edit
  1. Click the Image button
  2. Click Browse to locate an image from your computer
  3. Give the image a title/name
  4. In the space below in the table add your image.
  5. If there are already images on the page. Please insert your images below them.
DO NOT insert your images at the top of this page.
Please note: if you accidentally remove any images, you can always revert back to an earlier version of this page (see instructions).

How to find and use images:
  • You can find images doing a “Google Image” search. Simply go to google.com, select the link “Images” and type a text that describes the images you are searching for.
  • Save a copy of the image to your computer desk top and label it appropriately.
  • Add your images to the wiki:
    1. Go to the section of the wiki titled “Generational Images – Boomer Collage”
    2. To add your picture simply follow the directions for uploading an image (How do I add an image?).
    3. Other people may be adding images to the site when you are adding them. This should not be an issue, as the wiki software will save all links to images as they are uploaded and presented on the wiki.

Part I: Reflect and Discuss

Did you see any images that surprised you? Did you see any images that you agree with or disagree with? What were they?

Post your reflections and comments to the Discussion Tab at the top of the wiki page. For instructions refer to the Wikispaces HELP section.

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