3-D-1: Collecting Resources on Teaching the Net Generation

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Complete a web search on topics surrounding educating the Net Generation.

In the table below add at least one link to a resource that you found particularly helpful.
Include a description of the link and explain why you feel it is helpful. Include your name and a link to your profile. The first two entries are given as an example.

Resource name/title & link
How or why this resource is helpful
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Route 21
"...a one-stop-shop for 21st century skills-related information, resources and community tools."
This site offered a list of the skills needed by 21st century learners. There was a really great diagram here that illustrated the skills and linked to descriptions of what 21st century instruction should look like. Also, there are a lot of resources for teachers/educators such as presentations and podcasts
Upload and share your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents on SlideShare. Share publicly or privately. Add audio to make a webinar,
This site is full of education related presentations.
50 Ways to Use Wikis in the Classroom
This site lists 50 uses of wikis to create a more "collaborative and interactive classroom".
Wikis are collaborative and easy to use with our Net Generation students when you are looking for learning activities. Teachers can get free accounts in Wikispaces and other online Wikis to use with their students.
This site helps teachers of all grade levels to use the internet effectivetly.
This site is useful because it includes everything from project-based learning opportunities to tutorials on technology. It has a wide range of ways to use the internet to enhance the education of the Net Generation.
This is not in our country, but this is a great idea to connect and share work.
Gives us great ideas to share globally. We are moving in a more golbal dirstion.
This is a site helps give strategies for using the internet in the classroom
This site gives different ideas and links to sites that can help a classroom teacher promote higher level thinking, conduct research, emailing and more.