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Group A: Workspace: 6-A-1: Social Networking and it's Importance for Successful Informal Learning

List the reasons why Group A thinks social networking is important for successful informal learning:

1- Allows students freedom from traditional classroom text, lecture, and or individual work.
2- Students feel they have "ownership" of what they post, blog, or upload.
3- Breaks the normal paradigm of teacher-teach, student listen. Gives them more "stock" in their learning.

  • Often students post “status updates” that vent their frustrations. If a student complains about a certain subject or test being difficult, his or her peers may respond with positive feedback or suggestions for making it easier.
  • Students may use social networking sites to collect data for a project. For example, they may post a question and ask for responses.
  • Students may instant message each other to discuss homework, work on projects, or exchange ideas.
  • Students may use blogs on the social networking sites to share knowledge of a topic or to discuss topics brought up in class. They can also be used to collaborate on projects and as a place to combine gathered data.

Students have easy access to web resources while using the social networking.
Students can work on their own time and their own schedule.
Students can freely ask for advice and help on projects without feeling the pressures of the classroom.